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“Part psychologist, part financial wizard, part negotiator and mediator extraordinaire; she has no equal!”

Top 1% in Canada out of over 16,000 agents.

  • Director’s Platinum Award
  • Award of Excellence‚ Top 10 National, Top 10 Regional
  • #1 in Toronto for 24 consecutive years (1985 – 2008)
  • #1 in Canada for Royal LePage 12 consecutive years (1987-1998)

Client Testimonials
Testimonials and references available from hundreds of satisfied clients.
Complimentary Home Evalutation
The equity in your home is like any other Investment – it needs to be monitored. Homeowners should have their equity evaluated once a year. Now might be the perfect time for a FREE Home Evaluation!
Top negotiating skills
Top prices in a very reasonable time frame. Most listings are sold within 30 days.
Office located in central Toronto
Office in central Toronto open 7 days a week with an experienced team of licensed professionals and full time administration to take care of all aspects of the buying or selling process plus “after the sale” client care.


“The perfect professional and always going the extra mile.”

At her core, she is not only about facilitating listings and sales of today’s contemporary real estate. She informs you how to maximize your investment by real estate planning for tomorrow. Elli’s knowledge of the listing preparation, planning, building, and remodelling process for houses and condos, as well as the contribution of her established network of professionals, is a beneficial resource valued by her esteemed clientele.
Elli Davis is a trusted advisor, who focuses on the best possible outcome for your sale or investment for today and tomorrow.

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I was born and raised in Toronto and know my city better than anyone else! For over 32 years I have specialized in Central Toronto real estate, in neighbourhoods such as Forest Hill, Rosedale, Allenby, Moore Park and many others. Today, Toronto is known to be one of the most expensive cities in North America in which to live, with an average price for a detached house now exceeding $1 million. Participating in the Toronto real estate market could very well be the largest monetary transaction in your lifetime! Whether you are looking to buy or sell a house or a condo, you need the help of an expert who will guide you through the entire process and make the sure you get the most for your money, or the most money for your property.



Penny and Peter Regenstreif

Penny and Peter Regenstreif

It is a pleasure to write this testimonial about Elli Davis and her team. Elli has proved to be an effective salesperson, with extensive and deep knowledge of the real estate market. Moreover, she is a successful bargainer on behalf of her clients. Elli has bought one home and sold two on our behalf. The results in each case were very gratifying. In our first venture ten years ago, she was able to obtain our price for the condominium we sold and then buy a beautiful unit for us to move into at the price we wanted. This year, we called on her again, this time to sell our unit. Her appraisal of the market was excellent. The unit was priced well. It elicited an unprecedented amount of traffic from the moment it was listed. It required two days to achieve a sale well above the asking price. We are very pleased with her efforts and we believe the buyer is satisfied as well. Elli’s staff reflects her enthusiasm and professionalism. Its members make themselves available, carry out all the administrative things that real estate buying and selling requires, and are pleasant and cooperative as well. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Elli and her team and want to do so in the strongest way possible.

Penny and Peter Regenstreif

10 Delisle Ave. #1101 Sold

Rosemary & John Teed

The interesting part about you, Elli, is that we contacted you several years ago to kick around the idea of selling. You spent time with us on the phone at that time and kept in touch by sending your Newsletter regularly. You were direct and informative then, so when we came back from our travels with the plan to sell we called you…the Realtor who had kept in touch. That is, kept in touch with a significant mailing, a Newsletter, and regular personal updates.

The entire process of selling the condominium was professionally managed from start to finish. In one week! With tenants in residence it is never easy, but you did find ways to accommodate this for which we are grateful. The number of showings was impressive; the scheduling was clockwork, the feedback prompt and honest.  Elli, as you know your team is fabulous and any question we had was answered promptly by either you or a member of that team. Paperwork moved swiftly and efficiently. Electronic signatures are wonderful are they not?

Thank you. Thank you all very much. We highly recommend you and will spread our good news and great experience far and wide.

With warmest regards,

Rosemary & John Teed

Barbara Fitchette, Mark Fienberg and Mookie

Dear Elli, Linda, Sharon and Tanya,

There are simple words to describe Elli Davis and her professional, client-centred team – You Are Great (three words). From the time we were first considering selling our home to become renters and have financial security from the proceeds of the still-in-the-future sale, I felt a sense of comfort and an easing of my worries right away on my first meeting with Elli. She has since planned the strategy and explained all the pathways she was considering in her razor-sharp approach to doing her utmost to achieve the best results for her clients – us -and she did the rest from presentation to sale in a relaxed way which gave us complete confidence in her, and a great view of someone with a deserved reputation of being excellent, simply said and done.

Well, we rented the perfect duplex for ourselves and our dog Mookie and then called Elli to tell her we were now ready and off we went. Last Wednesday, the signs went in the ground, and then a sweeping positive time spent knowing many potential customers were going to be viewing our home. Yesterday, one week after being put up for sale, we signed the papers to change the sign to SOLD and the price was for way, way over the asking price.

From start to finish, we got through a potentially stressful event, with the team supporting us through this time, giving help and sharing their knowledge and steering us in all the right ways during the process. The happy ending seemed to me like a miracle come true, and I have to keep kicking myself to make sure this is all real.

So, thank you Elli and bows all round to your team.



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