Tam O’Shanter Golf Course

Tam O'Shanter Golf Course and Pond
Tam O'Shanter Golf Course and Pond
Public, 17 holes
Rating: 2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars (Not rated yet.)
Fee information:
18 holes:
Adults: $33-52
Seniors: $29-33
Juniors: $26-29

9 holes:
Adults: $26-28
Seniors/Juniors: $17-20
Valid on early morning or late afternoon.
Par: 72
Slope: 120
Yardage: 6083
Address:2481 Birchmount Rd.

Course Details

Tam O'Shanter Golf Course is a public 18-hole golf course operated by the city of Toronto.  The Course is a prominent part of the Tam O'Shanter Park and is located right across the street from Tam O'Shanter Junior Public School.  Visitors may make use of a 123-place parking lot and three accessible washrooms and change rooms.

Refreshments are offered in the local licensed restaurant.

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