Employment Situation in Canada

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According to the announcement of Statistics Canada from yesterday, the number of Canadians receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits decreased by 7,300 from October 2009 to one month later. The November level was 795,900.

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Still, as the labor analyst of Statistics Canada, Dominique Pérusse said, in more than 50 percent of Canada’s metropolitan areas there was big an increase in the number of employment insurance applicants from June 2008 to June 2009.

In Toronto, the number of people receiving regular benefits increased to 84,800 in November 2009. That means a rise by 35,600 from a year before. As for Ontario, 274,600 people receiving Employment Insurance benefits were reported here in November 2009. Also, 32 percent, almost one third of 1.3 million part-time workers of the province would prefer full-time work instead of their current job.

Interesting, isn’t it? I’m wondering how many of those part-time workers are students. With the current situation, though, I think many of them are happy they at least have some job. Bad, bad employment situation in our area.

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