Toronto Charities: Help People Suffering Abroad

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African Kids by Khym54
African Kids by Khym54

This is the last article in the Toronto charities series, but it does not make this kind of charity less important than the ones that have already been covered. It is essential for us, citizens of a country that is relatively well off, to offer a helping hand to those who were not born in such an amazing place and who, no matter how they try, cannot much improve their current situation.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF)


Millions of people, including children, die every year in Africa. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is one of the root causes of a large percentage of these deaths. One might think it is impossible for us here, in Toronto, to help them. We may feel that they are far away, and have no access to, or even knowledge of, computers and banks. This, however, is not true. Since 2003, the Stephen Lewis Foundation has been working hard to make HIV less problematic in Africa. It has funded more than 700 initiatives with 300 organizations in 15 countries during those eight years, undoubtedly making a difference in the lives of thousands of “individuals, families, and communities” in need.

If you are considering making a donation, the Stephen Lewis Foundation thanks you for your generosity. Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps them sustain and expand their work to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Your donation will help make a profound difference to the grassroots groups they fund; groups that are a lifeline for the people in these communities. If you, for whatever reason, are not able to donate but still want to help, do not worry. There are many way to support those in need; just think about organizing a fundraising event or volunteering.

Teddy Bears of Hope

Teddy Bears by Sarah Scicluna
Teddy Bears by Sarah Scicluna

What do children love the most? Yes, their favourite toy. There are so many children across the globe who have no teddy bear to cuddle and play with. Canadian children can, however, make some of the lonely kids in Afghanistan, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Philippines, and other places happier by sending them one. The Teddy Bears of Hope campaign was launched in 2004 after the horrible tsunami in Asia, and it aims to do exactly that: put smiles on children‘s faces.

This organization needs donations, volunteers, and (importantly) teddy bears. It is very easy to participate: just tell your child about this — many kids are extremely enthusiastic knowing their teddy will bring joy to children in need. Furthermore, the teddy bear has to have a special message attached to his arm from the donor, making the whole process even more magical.

Friends of NOAH

Africa is in a worse situation than the rest of the globe, and it therefore needs more attention, too. What is completely natural to us might well be total science fiction to them. The volunteer-run Friends of NOAH Canada was founded in 2006 to help children “orphaned and made vulnerable by AIDS in South Africa.” The organization supports programs that provide food and education, including HIV prevention education to children who need it, focusing especially on those who are orphaned and/or vulnerable.

You can help too! Become a part of the organization and support something that is important. Check out their webpage for more details.

The Caribbean Children Foundation (TCCF)

Caribbean Children by Cowbell Solo
Caribbean Children by Chris LeCroy

The Caribbean Children Foundation was founded in 2000 to help suffering children in the Caribbean. According to TCCF, “money should never be a barrier between a child and good health” and all the children should get the care they need. The organization is cooperating closely with the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children to provide children with its great services. In order to be helped by TCCF, children have to fulfil a few criteria, such as the age limit (19) and there being no treatment available in their home country.

As it is a registered charity, it is not easy for the organization to get enough finances to support as many children as it would like. You are very welcome to donate or volunteer and thereby literally help to save lives.

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