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Island by Dennis Jarvis
Island by Dennis Jarvis

Everyone around me seems to be excited about the summer. People are thrilled about taking a couple of days off to relax from all the hard work. While it is certainly enjoyable to go for a fun trip to NYC, Barbados, or Europe or just lie in your garden and read a book, there is something better. What about saving up some money and purchasing your own private island? Hundreds of Canadian islands are waiting to be purchased and many have already been bought by people (including celebrities) who enjoy their lives to the fullest.

This information may be a little surprising for some of you, but Canada, my friends, has more private islands for sale than any other country in the world. That is not all; Canada’s islands are not as expensive as you might expect — they are actually a lot less costly than many condos and houses. Not everyone can afford a private island, of course, but those who can do not seem to waste time. The group of people who have already purchased their private paradise is growing very fast and it includes many celebrities, from singers and Hollywood stars to well known businesspeople. All of them certainly appreciate having privacy after tiring days of being chased by paparazzi or fans eager to get a picture or an autograph.

While I try to avoid tabloid-style articles most of the time, to write a proper article, I have to mention which famous people own a Canadian island. Robin Williams, a fantastic actor excellent both in comedy and drama, is the proud owner of an island in Pender Harbour, British Columbia. Another huge star, Gene Hackman, has purchased an island in the same province. The singer of one of the most popular love songs of all time ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ Celine Dion, is happy to own a private island, Ile Gagnon, in Quebec. Trust me, none of these stars would buy a private island if they were not amazing. You can join their club and get one yourself.

Teaser — Islands for Sale

Deep Bay Private Island Ontario Canada
Deep Bay Private Island Ontario, Canada

To convince you an island is what you need, let me introduce to you some of the Canadian islands currently for sale (as found in online databases).

Secret Island
With 1.1 acres, Secret Island in the Laurentian might not be the hugest place in the world, but it surely is a little piece of heaven. Located in “the heart of the forest” in Quebec, the island promises to make your time spent there unforgettable. Amazing natural beauty, water, and fresh air — it has everything you could ask for. The lucky buyer will get to enjoy everything this cute island offers, with a luxurious log home containing a dishwasher, satellite, barbecue, and stone fireplace. It is available for $499,000. Interested?

Clarke Island
The amazing Clarke Island is located only 20 miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia. “One of the last jewels of Nova Scotia’s desirable South Shore,” it is a perfect place to spend any holidays. Just imagine sailing around the island or just relaxing and enjoying the view (whales, seals, and bald eagles can be seen from the island) — does it not sound fantastic? Add a soft sand beach and clear water and call it a true paradise. This 100-acre heaven is for sale for $995,000. How I envy its future owner!

Lighthouse Island
This 4.5 acre rocky island on Georgian Bay, Ontario with about 990 feet of shoreline is ideal for a big family vacation. Lighthouse Island used to be a resort and all the existing structures are therefore relatively newly remodelled. The main building contains a fantastic kitchen, a cathedral ceiling, and a huge porch, and all four cottages on the island are very well equipped (including a sauna and billiards). Furthermore, having a private lighthouse is pretty cool too. You can have it all for $1,250,000.

5 Cove Island

5 Cove Island
5 Cove Island

The five acre 5 Cove Island (so many fives) located “within the pristine wilderness of British Columbia” only 30 minutes by boat from Vancouver is a true paradise for all nature lovers. Enjoy the white, sandy beaches, amazing view, surrounding mountains, and the truly amazing variety of wildlife 5 Cove Island has in store for you. This magical place is now for sale for $2,446,253 (US $2,395,000).

Private Island off Bruce Peninsula
So peaceful and calm yet so close to civilization. I am talking about the two acres of Private Island off Bruce Peninsula, which is waiting patiently to be bought. It is located 135 miles from the Greater Toronto Area and just a couple of miles from shopping, a hospital, and an airport but it feels like it is in the middle of nature so far away from any concrete jungle. The island is not empty; obviously, the property built there is amazingly well maintained. Besides the beautiful antique furnishing, it also has two wood fireplaces ideal for romantic evenings. For those less romantic types, swimming and fishing in nice, clear water should be fun too. It can be yours for only $699,000.


If you are actually thinking of purchasing a private island but you do not quite know how to do it, no worries. Luckily, there are people who can do nearly everything for you. All you have to do is tell them your preferences (location, size, price, facilities) and wait until they find the one for you. Of course, you can search for islands in various (online) databases yourself first but you will most likely need a little assistance nonetheless. Whenever in doubt, I strongly recommend you turn to one of the following companies.

Private Islands Inc.

Private Island For Sale
Private Islands Inc.

Since its establishment in 1999, the Toronto-based Private Islands Inc. has been one of the most prominent companies “for all aspects of island sales, purchase and living.” The firm is dedicated to “innovative and technologically progressive real estate marketing,” and it shows. One look at its website is enough to know how much effort all the professionals working at Private Islands put into their work. The site contains detailed information about islands in various locations all over the globe as well as listings of private islands for sale. I am not exaggerating when I say you can find, choose, and buy your own island thanks to this website.

Vladi Private Islands
Vladi Private Island, a member of FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) is a property management company ready to help you buy your own private island. The company is not originally Canadian but one of its bases is located in Halifax, so Canadians can use its services to the fullest. Check out its website to see what islands are currently available for sale. All Vladi Private Islands offers can be developed with at least one local-type log cabin, and the company is prepared to help you with construction and anything you could possibly need during the creation of your little paradise.

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