The Aging Myth: Book Review

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The Aging Myth Book Cover
The Aging Myth Book Cover

After almost two weeks of bookstore sales, a book written by Joseph Chang titled The Aging Myth reached #2 on the New York Times Best Seller List. For centuries, people have sought the proverbial Fountain of Youth, and Dr. Chang and his team have discovered how to combat aging at the genetic level. He presents us more than a cure for our wrinkles and slower reflexes. He has targeted sources responsible for these changes and suggested steps to prevent them.

“We want to congratulate Dr. Chang on the overwhelmingly positive response to his new book, ‘The Aging Myth’, and applaud his scientific achievements,” said TJ Hoisington, president of Aylesbury Publishing. The high demand for "The Aging Myth” reflects what society longs for: a way to stay healthy and productive despite age. Retirement age is constantly pushed higher and higher due to the current economic situation and demographic problems, so an anti-aging formula is a natural interest.

I guess it would only take one or two more weeks for the “The Aging Myth” to jump into the 100 Top Selling Books on Amazon. It is currently at 162nd place during its second week of sales, which is an amazing result. The book has proven to be a conversation starter . It no longer matters where you live or where you work: the anti-aging obsession has reached all.

Reading though the book, Dr. Chang will show you that you have power over your aging and he reveals his latest groundbreaking research in the anti-aging field. “The Aging Myth” is full of controversy, barrier-breaking opinions, and ideas that will surely shake you up. It is a great book to read no matter which side you take when it comes to looking and feeling younger.

The Aging Myth: Unlocking the Mysteries of Looking and Feeling Young

  • by Joseph Chang
  • 203 pages, hardcover
  • List price: $21.88
  • Available at Amazon (online price at $15.84) and Chapters (online price at $18.20)
  • ISBN-10: 0977628876
    ISBN-13: 978-0977628872

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