Saving Money on Energy Costs Interactive Tool


Did you know that you may be paying $468 more than you need to each year if you have not installed weather stripping? In addition you can save $234 per year by installing a programmable thermostat. Energy costs can be a strain on finances, especially during the winter months with the cold temperatures and shortened hours of daylight. If you are interested in saving some money (and who isn’t?) use this interactive tool to discover some easy ways to save your hard-earned money. Some tips are as simple as: use a lid when cooking on the stove! There are coupons too, for items such as motion sensors and programmable thermostats and information on heating and cooling incentives and fridge and freezer pick up programs to help get you started!


“In each room you will find a number of different tips and programs designed to help you save energy. Let us know which tips you are already doing and we’ll tell you how can do even more to saveONenergy at home. So go on ahead and get started!”


Energy costs can put a strain on your finances, and costs are rising every year. Try this simple and fun to use interactive tool to see how much money you can save by making a few small changes in your home. It also includes money saving coupons and invaluable information.


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